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About Us


Checkoro.com is an indigenous eyewear company based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The company was founded in 2020 out of ingenuity and foresightedness. The company opened their first flagship store in New Alipore, Kolkata in 2021. The link to the company website is www.checkoro.com and the website went live in December 2022. The company aims to trudge a long path of blood and sweat with the initiative to herald remarkable transformation in the eyewear industry.



Checkoro.com brings to the market a diverse range of designer and prescription eyeglass and sunglasses at an affordable price with customer friendly free home eye test and try on services, providing you the opportunity to select among multiple frames at your door step.



  • Vision correction issue in India.

Nearly 40 million people in India, including 1.6 million children, are blind or are visually impaired due to refractive errors. As against a national requirement of 1.25 lakh optometrists in the country, India has only 40,000 and that too mostly in urban areas. 88.2 percent cases of vision impairment in India are avoidable. Thanks to our optometrist who are helping to solve refractive issue against corneal blindness. Our company’s vision is to help reduce the visual issues in children and adults alike by providing quality eyeglasses.


  • Revolutionize eyewear industry

Checkoro.com provides quality frame and best designs at affordable price. Our vision is to make prescription eyewear, which is a necessity, both affordable and sustainable to people from all demographic backgrounds. Our company has a wide collection of frames, customized for the unique needs of our customers to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


  • Making essential eye services accessible

Our free eye camp services aim to reach a wider range to every urban and rural nook and corner of the country to detect and correct vision problems. Hence, we are collaborating with the blind free India initiative to marginally drop the vision problems within the coming two years.  


  • Wow impact on customers

Our team believes in providing the best experiences of shopping and after sale services to ensure that our customers experience a never-felt-before ‘wow impact.’ Checkoro aims to reach the wow impact on the customers by providing exceptional products at an affordable price for all. Our greater mission is to correct vision problems by providing our eyeglasses to every person in India and encouraging them to join the mission for a blind free India.



We see our company flourishing and bringing innovative and unique eyecare technologies in the market at a comparatively sustainable price in the coming two years. Our vision is to ensure greater good to people who use eyeglasses in helping them feel comfortable and looking fashionable in our frames. Our brands: Mike Ross and Harvey Spexx will steadily gain an unbeatable brand value in the coming years.