Privacy Policy


Checkoro.com is aware that you are concerned about why we collect your personal data, how we do so and how we manage the data. When you visit our website as a new visitor or as a registered user, we ensure to preserve your autonomy over the personal data you share with us as much as possible. However, for identification purpose, our website asks you for your personal information. Your personal information is gathered so that we can provide uninterrupted services to you. We are glad that you trust in our competency to keep your personal data safe and secure. To us, you and experience with us is of the utmost priority. This is why we have committed ourselves to developing a privacy policy which will ensure confidentiality, integrity and privacy of your personal information. The following section will describe our unique privacy policy. You are hereby advised to read this Policy carefully and fully understand the nature and purpose of gathering and/or collecting sensitive, personal and other information and the usage, disclosure and sharing of such information.


Appropriateness of the policy


This Policy depicts our strategies and approaches in eliciting, storing, protecting and disclosure of your personal information.

This Policy explicitly oversees:

(1) the assortment and utilization of sensitive individual information or data provided by you; and

(2) the handling of individual data and confidential individual information or data given by you while utilizing our website.




By visiting Checkoro.com, you are accepting our privacy policy and giving us lawful access to your personal information. In doing so, you further agree to consent to our process of gathering, using, processing, managing, maintaining, disclosing and transferring of your personal data as informed by our privacy policy.




The privacy policy of our company is subjected to modification without notice at the discretion of the administration. We request you to occasionally check the latest updates on the privacy policy to avoid missing out on important updates that might concern you.


Consent for use of data


When you are is providing your personal information to the website as a registered user or a visitor, you are by default giving us the consent to collect, share, disclosure and use of your information according to the terms of the privacy policy elucidated herein. We request you to terminate using this website in case you do not consent to privacy policy.


What categories of personal data do we collect?


Some of your personal details are collected and stored through server logs and cookies. These data we gather does not allow us to directly identify you. Our website records certain information associated to the activities on our website. The pieces of information that are recorded in general are as follows:

1.   Your contact information

2.   Eye power details

3.   Pages accessed by you

4.   Date and time of your access

5.   Search queries placed by you

6.   Automatic information like the unique details of your device (the operating system version used, model of the hardware, Internet protocol address, unique device identifier (UDI), browser type and language, referral URL, etc.)

Your personal data is not required in case you only wish to visit our website without having to engage in any transaction. You may configure your web browser in a manner to stop accepting cookies from our website. However, rejecting cookies can interrupt your navigation on our website and prohibit you from getting access to certain sections of it.


For how long do we retain your information?


Our website permanently retains identification data and retains financial and IT related data until the deletion of the user profile.


How is your personal data protected?


Our company implements and upholds the necessary controls to monitor the access to, use of, and transfer of your personal information. All of our staff members who have access to your personal information must sign non-disclosure or equivalent contracts, which obligate them to uphold our data privacy and confidentiality standards. Any business partners and outside service providers with whom we could disclose your personal information are required to abide by all relevant data privacy and confidentiality laws in action. Our employees are bound by the ethical principle of confidentiality of user information.

During an ongoing transaction, your payment process is made secure through the use of SSL security technology. Due to this SSL security technology your personal information and transaction details are kept confidential and never shared with any third parties like unauthorized people and organisation. However, checkoro.com does not take the responsibility for any information that is gathered, shared or used by any other third party due to your customized browser settings.


When do we share your personal information?


In order to provide you with quality services, our website might have to share your personal information to third parties including the service providers and affiliates of the company. To ensure that your data is protected and secure, we restrict the further disclosure of the information by engaging in appropriate contract and relevant arrangements. Our company might make a notification when your personal information is being shared with another business or a third party. We might have to share your personal information related to processing of transaction as a requirement of order fulfilment.


Know your rights as a user


You are entitled to the following under relevant laws and rules governing data protection:

1.       You can access, modify or permanently delete your personal information

2.       You can limit or protest the processing and sharing of your personal information

3.       You can restrict the notifications of marketing information

4.       You can withdraw your consent to data collection, retention, storage and disclosure, without impacting the legality of our processing that was based on your permission before you withdrew the consent

5.       You can freely choose a Login ID email address and password that protects your anonymity.

6.       You can access, delete and modify your financial and registration information as and when required.


Cookie policy


When you use your computer to visit various websites, the browser onto your computer saves information for later use. In a similar manner, when you visit our website, third-party vendors like Google to ensure uninterrupted services to you. Our website does not use these cookies to save your personal details for third party disclosure and usage. The information collected, including the AMP client IDs on behalf of Google analytics, are stored in ‘cookies’ and it helps us analyse the web page traffic flow, promotional effectiveness (if any applicable) and ensure safety of the users.


Why is accepting cookies important for you?


Allowing cookies is essential for you for the following reasons:

·         To accelerate your search

·         To remember you when you return to our website

·         To review personal information recently provided by you

·         To improve our website and enhance your experience with us


Admittance to user information


If you believe that any of your personal information provided to us is inaccurate, you might contact us at support@checkoro.com. It is your obligation to guarantee that any data you provide us is updated.

The information gathered by us will not be held for longer than is expected for the reason for which the data may legitimately be utilized or is generally expected under some other regulation for the time being in force.